Hipcooks Tapa Class brings some Class to your Table

For my birthday my loving hubby bought me a cooking class… and he found just the right one.  HipCooks is a local place that does all kinds of fun classes, and since I just LOVE spanish food he signed me up for the tapas class.  Although I’m pretty comfy in the kitchen, it seemed that no matter the skill level, everyone had a great time.  We made a round of food, sat and ate it (along with some wine), then went back to the giant island and put together another round of food.  We all left full, happy and excited to try it all at home.

Since they are not my own recipes I will just say, these are all delicious so go try the class if you’re up for it!

These empanadas were ah-mazing.image

Stuffed piquillo peppers… image

The whole group helps out as we work around the big island.  I think it’s a max of 12 people.  Most came with friends, but I was on my own… but by the end we were all friends!




imagePatatas Bravas and olive oil icecream… yep, with a red wine sauce on the ice cream.

SO delicious!



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