Top 10 Reasons it’s time for “Top Chef – San Diego”

Heading into the 10th season, Top Chef has explored most of the notable cities of the USA… but America’s Finest City still hasn’t made the list.  Here are some of the reasons Top Chef-San Diego needs to be on the horizon.

1. If you want a good judge, lure them in with the promise of sunshine and beaches.  Maybe Top Chef can pull in resistant judges who haven’t joined the show before this (certainly Seattle is not going to do the trick).

2. Great venues – Maybe the chefs could run the menu at Dine With Shamu at SeaWorld or make breakfast for Roar and Snore at the world famous Safari Park.  The San Diego Zoo and Lego Land also offer a great backdrop for exciting elimination challenges.

3. Taco Time… there’s nothing so common as a Taco Shop, and every corner has got them.  Alberts, Adalbertos, Santanas… you name it and we’ve got it.  The authentic flavors of mexico in a fast food hole in the wall would make for a perfect challenge.  As a border town there are mexican influences everywhere you look, and TopChef could really take advantage of the cultural mish mash.

4. The Ocean Beckons – With a boardwalk, surfers, yachts, fishermen, beaches and more there is a bounty of possibilities.  Maybe there could be a challenge where the more times you ride the old wooden coaster, the more time you get to cook… they’ve already fished for food, cooked on a ferry and cooked on a beach, so it’s time to get creative!

5. Military – Oh, of course it’s been done, but does it really get old?  Supporting the troops is a great way to get more viewers, and to give back to the community.  As a military town San Diego has Pendleton, Coronado, Miramar and much more.  Maybe they could cook for one of the air shows or do a military wedding for a couple who’s nuptials were put off by deployment.

6. The Active Crowd – With the great weather and environment San Diego is home to more triathletes than any other city!  I see a quickfire where they have to make a trio for the tri… representing the sea for the swim, the air for the bike and the land for the run… sounds like fish, foul and steak to me.  San Diego county is also home to the Olympic Training Center and is the BMX headquarters.  That could be quite a show.

7. Corporate San Diego – Looking for sponsors for the challenges?  Think Jack in the Box, Quallcom, Cricket Wireless, Petco and more… even Sony has a San Diego HQ.

8. MicroBrew – Among many, Karl Strauss, Green Flash, Ballast Point, Gordon Biersch and Stone Brewery create great beers.  A quickfire of beer pairings seems to be in order.

9. Top Chef History – A few Top Cheftestants have made San Diego home.  Brian Malarkey has a series of restaurants in the area, one of which has executive chef Amanda Baumgarden at the helm. Richard Sweeney cooks up some great Tater Tots in his Hillcrest hangout.  Past chefs have been a big part of current seasons, and only a hop skip and a jump away there are tons of Top Chefs in LA.

10. College Town – UC San Diego and San Diego State University are two of many colleges in town.  Sporting events, concerts, and a love of food trucks are close at hand wherever college students abound.

With so many reasons, there’s no reason why San Diego shouldn’t be the next Top Chef city.  Tom & Padma, you will be warmly welcomed, so come on down.


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