Malarkey’s Herringbone Pleases the Palate

Herringbone is a great addition to the quilt of restaurants Malarkey has sewn into the San Diego food scene.  Following Searsucker, Burlap & Gingham with its eclectic cowboy atmosphere, Herringbone did not disappoint with its simple yet flavorful menu.

First I have to mention that they have their own parking lot… Even some of the most upscale La Jolla restaurants will leave you to search the streets in search of a parking spot, but not so with Herringbone.  Their private lot has quite a few spaces and gets your dining experience off on the right foot.

The dining room is festooned with rustic wooden architecture and
sculpture. A whale skeleton flies over the

bar, and a cage of dried puffer-fish covers one wall.  Plain light bulbs hang from the wooden structures and four olive trees grow out of the ground inside the restaurant.   The striking blue glasses on each table break up the color palate and bring in a much needed contrast.

We came in for lunch and decided to split three items… although we had already decided on what to get, when we asked the server for his recommendations he named the same things we had decided on.

The shrimp tacos were delicious.  As I bit into them there was some authentic combination of flavors that reminded me of the tacos on the streets of mexico.  It did seem strange that there was only 1 shrimp in each taco… although a large shrimp, I’m not sure this made the meal into a proper entre.  The slaw of jicama and red cabbage was lightly dressed with the tomatillo salsa and was a delicious topping for the taco.

We also shared a lobster roll.  A large amount of lobster was lightly dressed in lemon mayo.  A large slice of brioche bread was split and filled with the lobster instead of using a roll.  The bread seemed to be a bit sweeter than I would choose, but the lobster was delicious. It was served with a side salad and some very dilly homemade pickles.

Our favorite was the “crust” or pizza.  We had the oyster, marrow garlic & rosemary pizza… it seemed to have had some kind of light citrus drizzled over the top which really gave it a wonderful finish.  It was savory & sweet while remaining light and fresh.  It was a pretty good sized serving, and we even had leftovers.

Although part of Brian Malarkey’s collection, Amanda Baumgarden, also of Top Chef fame, acts as the executive chef of Herringbone.  I could see her in the kitchen, which is windowed off from the restaurant so you can watch them work without the disruption of kitchen noises.

I would definitely recommend Herringbone to anyone who wants to give it a try, so head over and enjoy~!

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