Date Night at Trulucks

Friday night we dined at Trulucks, enjoying the ambiance and seafood for a special night out.  After a long journey from the parking area we finally made it into the restaurant where a live pianist played lively music and the restaurant was full of large booths and a comfortable but upscale ambiance.

As a belated anniversary gift from my mother in law, my husband and I searched for an place to spend an evening out.  Originally she wanted us to go to Mister A’s, however the reviews don’t meet up with the past reputation, and their ridiculous reservation requirements steered us away.  With web recommendations we ended up settling on Trulucks for seafood and a lovely night.

Known for flying in crab claws within 24 hours of their capture, Trulucks specializes in seafood.  We thought we had better give the claws a try, so we ordered 4 medium claws.  They were pre-cracked, but I thought the shells were a bit too cracked, leaving small pieces in the flesh of the crab that I felt I had to carefully sort through to keep from chomping down on them.  Otherwise they were yummy enough, served with a spicy mustard aioli.

I always like to try a variety of offerings at a new restaurant, so we decided to have a few starters then split an entree.

In addition to the claws, we had the crab cake… this was amazing.  Fresh, hot, no fillers…this was delicious!

The “salt and pepper Calamari were lacking in both salt and  pepper… leading to a bland and greasy plate of food.  I have definitely had much better fried calamari at a hole in the wall place to eat.  They served it with two sauces… one sweet thai sauce and also the spicy mustard aioli.  The aioli went well, but the sweet sauce didn’t pair well with the calamari as far as I was concerned.  We ate about half of it just so we wouldn’t leave it to be thrown out, but I was definitely disappointed in this.

Our entre was actually very delicious.  A grilled Skuna Bay Salmon with a side of asparagus paired beautifully with the pontchartrain sauce, a creamy creole dish full of shrimp, crawfish and blue crab.  We also ordered the Fried Brussels Sprouts, which have become a quick favorite of mine after having them at Burlap.

A bright point of the evening was our server Michael.  He was friendly, explained the menu in detail and visited with us throughout the evening.  He definitely made things more memorable, and even brought over a chocolate bread pudding on the house with a card signed by the staff for our Anniversary.

Overall we had a nice dinner.  I am not sure that I would consider this to be anything on the cutting edge of culinary, and I was surprised at the disappointing calamari, however it was a memorable meal.  If you are looking for a good piece of fish this would be a great choice.

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