Join a farm! Suzie’s Farm CSA gives you a chance to try something new every week.

Did you know that lots of communities have farms that will offer a box of fresh veggies on a weekly or bi-weekly basis?  My mom is part of a CSA in the central valley, and I recently found one in the San Diego area.   Joining the farm has really inspired me to cook a bunch of fun new things.

First of all… a CSA is Community Supported Agriculture.  Suzie’s Farm is an organic farm, so all the fruits and veggies are organic, and, I was happy to hear, are fed water from a deep aquifer in the area.  The farm has a lot of delivery options, one of which turns out to be my hubby’s work, so it’s pretty convenient for us.

These all came in our CSA box

We are signed up for a small box, and I got Swiss Chard, Cabbage, parsley, radishes, radish sprouts, kale, carrots, turnips and one artichoke in my first box.  The picture shows them without the big greens, but you can use the radish greens and carrot tops too.

It inspired me to make my first batch of Swiss Chard Stir Fry as well as some Radish Sprout Fried Rice.  I tried my hand at some Radish and Turnip chips, but I’ll have to give that another try because I cut them so thin that they ended up very over cooked.

Another delicious idea is making Kale Chips, which turned out to be the easiest thing in the world to make.

After visiting the farm I also made a big pot of soup with a friend of mine, to put so many of these great veggies to use!

If you have a CSA in your area, give it a try!  For us it’s a 3 month commitment to get a box every other week, so we have an opportunity to see if it works for us over the long run.  So far, i’m definitely enjoying the challenge!



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