Re-claim your silverware and dishes!

Ok, so maybe a lot of people already know this, but baking soda is magical.  Well, not exactly Harry Potter in a box, but if you, like me, have ever had company over only to search through your nice white plates to find the least dingy one to serve them on, then you too need the Arm’N’Hammer magic.


Baking Soda Cleans it up!









All you need to do is make a kindof paste out of the baking soda… I found that if I made a big pile of baking soda in the corner of my sink it would get a little wet and therefore pasty.  Just get some on your wet sponge and scrub!









Ok, so this isn’t where it ends either.  My husband has recently found out that cinnamon can replace milk in your coffee, so 4 tablespoons per mug of coffee end up on all of my silverware and in my stainless steel sink.  Douse it with baking soda and add a little elbow grease, and it looks as good as new!

Don’t forget your pots and pans… you know how that grimy stuff ends up on the shiny part of the handle?  Put the baking soda to work there too…

Finally, we all have a few plastic dishes and they just let all that grime pile up more and more until we throw them out and get new ones… not any more!






Other things I have saved from the goodwill pile…

It cuts the grease on the outside of the tea kettle, or on the sides of the stove.  Baking Soda also cleaned out our coffee pot beautifully!  I don’t know what else it does, but feel free to share if you know!



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